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Dear colleagues in Japan, dear friends,

I send you our best greetings in my role as President of the DGZI - German Society of Dental Implantology, the long-standing partner society of ISOI.

As you know, our society is the most traditional European professional society in dental implantology and has been active as a society for the practitioner for more than 50 years. The aim has always been to establish dental implantology in dental practices and to make this field of therapy accessible to a broad range of dentists and ultimately also to patients. Important, and this too was and is tradition and still the focus of the DGZI, is an all-embracing and practice-related further education and training of colleagues. With the DGZI Curriculum and the German Board of Oral Implantology (GBOI), the DGZI has a nationally and internationally recognised continuing education programme that actively combines theoretical training and continuing education with practice-oriented modules. The success of the last few years proves that we have followed and continue to follow the right path.

Our cooperation with international partners was and is also the cornerstone of our activities. In recent years, we have not only had many professional cooperations with foreign professional associations. Partnerships, even friendships, have emerged that go beyond the normal scope of professional relationships. The same applies to you, dear partners in Japan.

Dear friends, for many years now the ISOI and the DGZI have also enjoyed a close and very active partnership. The mutual visits to each other' s countries, the meetings in both small and large groups, and the personal exchanges have closely linked our two societies. The continuing education programmes of the GBOI - German Board of Oral Implantology play an important role in the professional qualification of the members of both associations. Many Japanese dentists have successfully completed this continuing education programme. Under the leadership of our Vice President Dr Rolf Vollmer and myself, we will continue and further develop this joint project in the future. And, this is especially important to me, we will also expand and activate the face-to-face meetings with you.

Even if personal contact has not been possible as we know it in the last few years, we stand by the close partnership of our two associations, the ISOI and the DGZI, and thank you for your collegiality, friendship, and loyalty!
We look forward to seeing you again and send our best regards to Japan!

On behalf of the Executive Board of the DGZI - German Society for Dental Implantology e. V.


会長 Dr Georg Bach





2011年11月に行われるAIAI学術大会を前に、私はDGZI ドイツ口腔インプラント学会本部及びその世界中の支部の役員、そしてすべてのメンバーを代表いたしまして、AIAI学術大会が日本の歯科界にとって最高のものとなるよう心からお祈りすることをお伝えいたします。








DGZI会長 Prof. Dr. Dr.Frank Palm

2011年6月7日 デュッセルドルフにて